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September 5, 2013 3:59 PM

Confession time... I'm a homeschooling mom that can't seem to get the school day started. 😳😳😳 Lately I've been up at 8:00 (early for me, although hubby has already clocked 3 1/2 hours by then 😳). My problem is that I keep finding 'one more thing to do' before I get the school day started. I'd love to just get dressed, eat breakfast, throw in a load of laundry and get to school. That NEVER happens. Help!! Any suggestions please???
Can I just say, thank you, thank you for being so real!! It's "confessions" like this, that encourage the rest of us! For us, we'll be starting our year tomorrow... Can I just encourage you to do what works best for you and your kids! Your school work doesn't have to start at the same time traditional school starts for the rest of the kids in the neighborhood, or at the same time school starts for another homeschool family! I've learned over the last 10 years that each year is going to look different, and that's okay! Some years we have babies... Other years we have toddlers... Other years we have... It just all depends on the season your family happens to be in! Prayerfully consider the season you're in, and go from there! Make your curriculum and schedule work for your family!! Praying that you find the balance you're looking for!! Miss you, sweet lady!! ;) - MPCteachesher6  13.0 #4 4:16PM
I have the same issue. I have a 4 month old, a potty training 2 year old, and just starting kindergarten so most days we do homeschooling a few times a day, and it takes on a variety of ways that we get done what needs to get done. Keep up the good work! - I-love-my-family  13.0 #4 6:45PM
Yes, I love confessions! Lol! I know what you mean, I sometimes miss being up and fresh and ready for the day by 8am like I was before my mommy days...but I know if I tried that now I wouldn't get enough sleep, and I wouldn't have any time with my hubby because I'd be up all night cleaning after the kids go to bed! So, it's all about priorities. Even though I get "interrupted" bu the kids a million times by the time I get that first load of laundry in, and it's not until 10am, those interruptions are my real job! - MommyLuvs2  13.0 #4 10:09PM
I try to start school by 9am but the fact is homeschooling is all about flexibility. Today is "Friday Funday" and we're still in our Jammie's and figuring out what to do with our day today. The zoo is a major possibility to go learn more about African animals, but we also want to make an African recipe and learn more about the impressionists. It's ok that we haven't started school on time and its ok for you to do what works for your family. Starting later is one of the many luxuries of being a homeschool. So my point is YOU GO GIRL!!! - jenirwin  13.0 #4 7:25AM
Hi ladies!! Long time no see! Thot this would be a good place to jump back in to things. We were GOING to start school yesterday but after the past couple weeks of nonstop, plus a party for the birthday 5 yr old on Saturday and down to San Diego Sunday for a Padres game where my hubby got to WALK out on the field (with crutches, but still!!) and all the excitement, I was literally on fumes!! I knew I didn't want to start our school year that way! Today Alex and I had labs and X-rays and stuff scheduled for the morning, so we opted to start tomorrow! Plus, tomorrow is Not Back to School day at Disneyland and we're doing unit studies this year with our first being on Walt Disney! Perfect timing and a very fun first day!!! Plus, it'll be the first time we've been back to the parks since May, before Alex's accident, so we're def looking forward to it. This school year looks totally different from the one *I* planned, but we know Gods plans are better than ours, so we're taking it a little at a time. As of right now, Alex won't be going back to work til at least the first of the year so I have a co teacher!! It's a learning curve for all of us, and we haven't done unit studies before, so lots and lots of opportunity to learn!! Hoping to get back on here more often now as well, I've missed you ladies!! - BluRayn  13.0 #4 12:26PM
Great topic to start out the year! It is hard! Our day doesn't start till 10! Even then it weaves in and out with my sons attention span. If I get him to get a worksheet done in 3 subjects, outdoor play time, and reading before bed the day is considered a success around here. We talk about tons of stuff through out the day and I give him verbal quizzes randomly. I am finally learning its all up in the air and I get more done if I just work it in with the flow of my day. - Cass  13.0 #4 7:33PM
Thank you ladies for your tips and encouragement. I love the freedom to just be me here, and not be judged. I'm finding the older my kids get, the more important it is to dig in and get things 'done'. It's so helpful to have friends here that understand! Thank you!! - 3John4  13.0 #4 3:23PM
We start school around 9:00. Depending when my 3 and 1 year old wake up. I let my son (grade 1)have a short break around 10 or 10:30. Then lunch break at 11:30. I find that structure and a routine is important. After lunch I put my 3yr old and 1 yr old for a nap then I do reading with my son while it is nice and quiet. Try to make school fun too. Play math games, colouring pages, crafts,sing songs. For science we are doing an animal each month. This month is a polar bear. So we got library books and do activities and colouring page and a bullitien board on polar bears. Have fun but be diciplined in what you do. - schoolmom  13.0 #4 11:21AM
Does anyone else in Canada use Abeka? - schoolmom  13.0 #4 9:18AM

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