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February 19, 2013 3:59 PM

Would you all be interested in a "coffee break", here in the lounge? We could set a specific day and time, and even a topic... Then we can all meet here in our Teacher's Lounge to network, discuss, encourage, be encouraged, etc., REAL TIME!! I was thinking we could set the first one for 9:00 p.m. PST, on Thursday, February 21st! This would allow us to have have our kids settled down or in bed! We could talk about anything, but perhaps the focus of our conversation could be reading, what to do with struggling readers, literature we love... I've had one mom share that she has a struggling reader. I've also dealt with this issue, and would LOVE to encourage others! This could be something we do monthly or even weekly, depending on the popularity! Let me know your thoughts!!
I would love to try this!! 9pm is probably the only good time for me too, with littles. I'll just warn my husband that I'll have to have my phone out while we watch tv :) Reading is something I am so passionate about, and very experienced with from my teaching years! Looking forward to it!! - MommyLuvs2  26.8 #1 4:09PM
I would definitely enjoy this!! And the time works good for me as well! - BluRayn  26.8 #1 5:08PM
Sounds terrific! I'll try and peak in. It's the night before we move, but hopefully I can't sneak away for a little bit. ;) - 3John4  26.8 #1 6:27PM
Sounds fun! Great idea. - I-love-my-family  26.8 #1 7:29PM
Yay! That makes 5 of us so far!!! This should be fun!! It's a virtual meetup/mommy coffee date!! 😉👍 - MPCteachesher6  26.8 #1 7:44PM
Bumped for the mommies in the lounge tonight!! Virtual coffee, (I'll be enjoying mine with coconut creamer), tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m., PST. We'll be discussing the topic of reading!! Have a struggling reader? Have a strong reader? Looking for suggestions? Want to share about a particular approach or curriculum you've come to love? Come, share, and be encouraged!! See you in the Lounge tomorrow night! ;) - MPCteachesher6  26.8 #1 9:01PM
Great idea! - abidinginHim  26.8 #1 12:10AM
Sounds great! - gardeningthroughtheseasons  26.8 #1 7:48PM
Very nice idea - MeTimesThree  26.8 #1 9:27PM
Love this! What a great idea. - Mrs.mouse  26.8 #1 9:57PM

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