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Hi I am Cass. I live in Cali, in North OC. I have two boys, 3 and 5. My oldest is in Kinder. He has ADHD. My younger is just a crazy busy boy who talks faster than I can think! HAHA! We home school through a charter school currently.
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March 24, 2014 9:54 PM

I am in need of a supper easy, completely laid out, step by step, day by day curriculum. I am ready to quit, my boys are both ADHD and I am ADD myself. I am doing well with them when I compare with others their age but I can handle my unorganized situation. I even went and reviewed a private school today, the only one in the area that takes kids with IEP. It was horrible, and a huge security issue  More...
Hi @cass! I just wanted to mention that our family has used MFW from Pre-school through 5th grade now, and we love it. It's so 'open and go', and just the right amount of hands-on for me. I've found it to be a very full program for our family. Good luck with your decision. - 3John4  13.0 #4 7:44PM
Hi Cass, We all have been there and do return there form time to time. Does your family have a Homeschool Mission Statement? That can be very helpful! Marianne has a "How to" on her blog (I love her!).... She is so very encouraging. as for curriculum.... I am never afraid to change it up from year to year. We keep what works and pitch was does not work. This year we are using Sonlight (we will next year as well.) We love the literature approach but I am not afraid to pull out some books if my kids get overwhelmed. I does have a Teachers guide (one that you open up and know what to do that day.) We uesd My Fathers World one year as well and it also has a teachers guide. We did not stick with it because we wanted more reading. My Fathers World is a bit more "hands on" then Sonlight. I have also in the past used The Abeka DVD program but that really overwhelmed my kids. Bob Jones also has a DVD program. - abidinginHim  13.9 #3 3:34PM
I really love the teachers guide that comes with the Sonlight curriculum. You can download a portion (a sample) of the particular core your are intrested in from the Sonight website. - abidinginHim  13.9 #3 5:14PM
Hi @cass! I just wanted to mention that our family has used MFW from Pre-school through 5th grade now, and we love it. It's so 'open and go', and just the right amount of hands-on for me. I've found it to be a very full program for our family. Good luck with your decision. - 3John4  13.0 #4 7:44PM
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July 28, 2013 11:11 PM

So we finally got our patio cleared and cleaned off after all of last years construction... We have started arts and crafts early this year! They are painting, doing play dough, and all kinds of fun! I am loving this. We haven't had an area for them to do all the messy fun projects. We have carpet almost everywhere in our condo. So do you have any challenges with the space you homeschool in? What   More...
I love this!!! We had a large stainless steal kitchen island at our old house that was great for messy projects. It's in our backyard now. I'll have to take a cue from you and let the kids do some fun projects outside on it. Maybe my little one and I can do some finger painting next week while big brother and sister are at VBS. 😊 - 3John4  13.0 #4 12:40AM
Thanks great! What fun :) Our homeschool space is the garage in our backyard. The problem we run into is the lack of heating and air. I hope we can get a small air-conditioner. Lots of times we end up moving back into the house which make the biggest mess (our house is pretty small.) - abidinginHim  13.9 #3 12:35PM
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July 25, 2013 1:25 PM

An amazing book! Have trouble finding joy in the daily tasks in your life? You are not alone!
I hear such great things about Sally Clarkson! I will have to add this book to my book list. I wish I had more time. I do love audio books because I can listen and do my chores at the same time. - abidinginHim  13.9 #3 4:10PM
LOVE Sally Clarkson!! I'm reading Mission of Motherhood right now! - MommyLuvs2  6.7 #8 10:11PM
Thanks for the book recommendation. - Mrs.mouse  20.2 #2 8:42PM
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July 25, 2013 11:09 AM

So I caved. I spoke with my sons "teacher" at the charter and found out she said I can totally still use Christian curriculum they just can't buy it. That I just have to list a few "other" learning references for the schools records. That way I can still use the funds for programs and field trips etc... I decided to try it one more year now that I can primarily use Christian curriculum. A wise per  More...
I am sending my son to a charter school and I have a meeting with the teacher of record to ask the same question! :-) - I-love-my-family  10.0 #7 2:43PM
I am blessed by our freedom too! I praise The Lord for it. I have my own feelings about charter but they are mine. I hope you have a wonderful school year! I am so excited about the new things we are going to do this year. I pray that God we guide us and bless us all. - abidinginHim  13.9 #3 4:06PM
We are starting our 6th year with our charter school and have been very happy with it. We too can use whatever curriculum we want (otherwise I wouldn't stay with them.) It has never been a problem to use their funds for field trips, supplies, classes, etc & our money for curriculum that is not "covered". - loveteachingmy4  3.9 #12 4:52PM
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July 12, 2013 12:54 PM

I have all this and I have no place to store that someone gave me. Where is the best place to get rid of it? I kept the age appropriate stuff. I think this is a good portion of 3rd grade. I am new at this so not sure. is a good place to sell or there is a Facebook page called Homeschool yardsale. There is also a FB called homeschool free cycle if you want to give it away. - Cally  3.1 #22 9:12PM
Maybe someone here will want it. It looks like good stuff. - Mrs.mouse  20.2 #2 2:21PM is a good place to sell or there is a Facebook page called Homeschool yardsale. There is also a FB called homeschool free cycle if you want to give it away. - Cally  3.1 #22 9:12PM
Honestly not sure just yet what I need. Still on the fence exactly which curriculum I will be using. Kinder, and first grade readers are what I will want though. Can you ever get enough books? My son doesn't like many repeats... - Cass  4.5 #11 12:21PM
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June 17, 2013 2:19 PM

So much fun! Both my boys are doing VBS this year at our church! I have to attend with my youngest but I love that they can both go! Do your kids go to any kind of CAMP or VBS over the summer? How do you like it?
We love VBS! Me and my kids are doing a painting some backdrops. Our VBS starts next week. - abidinginHim  13.9 #3 8:50PM
My oldest is old enough but my other 2 are still too young. Next year my son will go to summer camp. - I-love-my-family  10.0 #7 9:56AM
We have VBS at our church. It's always a great time. - Minnique  3.1 #26 10:25AM
My older two are going this year. My mom's volunteering, so she's going to pick them up and take them giving me lots of one-on-one time with our 3 year old that week. I'm trying to think of some special projects for just him and me to do. - 3John4  13.0 #4 2:53PM
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June 16, 2013 9:41 PM

Ok so I am set on full homeschool no charter now after CHEA. BUT... Still on the fence about curriculum. Anyone ever used Bob Jones?
Yes, I've used their history and science before. Very easy to use. They pretty much follow the standards that are being covered in traditional school. You can find these at most used curriculum sales for a discounted price. You will usually have to order the consumables. - Minnique  3.1 #26 11:21AM
Good to know. Wishing I could find a used curriculum place. I am in north OC. It would be soooo helpful to buy just the consumables new. My husband feels more comfortable with Bob Jones because he used it in priviate Christian school. - Cass  4.5 #11 1:59PM
I have heard a lot of good things about it but have never used it. I have a lot of abeka books though. - abidinginHim  13.9 #3 8:54PM
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June 9, 2013 1:33 PM

So, after C.H.E.A. yesterday we decided that we are going to make the switch from Charter to private/homeschool. It's a little scary, but I think I finally feel comfortable enough to make the switch! What an awesome experience that was. Now I just hope I can get more connected with moms in the area.
How exciting. I am still debating as to what I want to do. Hard choices. - I-love-my-family  10.0 #7 4:28PM
Hi Cass, I was so very blessed by the CHEA convention! One quote that stuck with me "the goal is not Harvard but Heaven" I forgot the mans name who said that. I want to say Doug Phillips but now positive. I am sure you will do fine with the switch. What give me peace of mind (other then submitting to the Lords will) is my HSLDA membership. I do hope you able to get connected with moms in your area. We have had a great time with our homeschool group. However the Lord is calling up to be home more this next year. We will still be involved with the sports but no classes (at least for the first semester.) - abidinginHim  13.9 #3 4:57PM
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June 8, 2013 3:57 PM

Ok what is your favorite curriculum and why, for kinder and 1st grade?
We are out of that age bracket now. However, I just bought this bible curriculum because I think with will be so helpful to my kids who are very visual... The Picture Smart Bible curriculum I can let you know how it works out for us after we get started with it. I think we will start in the summer. - abidinginHim  13.9 #3 5:01PM
I think we are going to try "My Fathers World" for kinder this year. I have some family members who use it and love it. I have never homeschooled before so I don't have anything to compare it with. Great topic. - I-love-my-family  10.0 #7 5:49PM
We love Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading. For math we like to use RightStart math combined with - loveteachingmy4  3.9 #12 7:01AM
Something similar to My Fathers World is the packages from Heart of Dakota. - MeTimesThree  5.3 #10 7:30PM
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June 8, 2013 3:56 PM

Yay! We are headed back!
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June 8, 2013 10:20 AM

This is really awesome! Doug Phillips. Funny how one little convention can change your heart. #CHEA
So glad you made it. - Mrs.mouse  20.2 #2 11:07AM
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June 8, 2013 8:19 AM

It's starting to fill up a little here. Waiting for the speaker. I am excited we got to make it here even if we can only stay at CHEA till 11:30.
Who is the next speaker?? - I-love-my-family  10.0 #7 10:04AM
Doug Phillips - Cass  4.5 #11 10:20AM
Yay! You made it! - MPCteachesher6  26.8 #1 10:48AM
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June 6, 2013 10:24 PM

Am I able to walk up and get entrance to CHEA?
I believe so, it just costs a bit more than pre-registrating. Their web site has all the prices. :) - 3John4  13.0 #4 10:58PM
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May 27, 2013 9:43 PM

Hi guys! It's been a while since I have been in here. So how many of you love doing lessons just on the fly? The other day we were at the park and I spotted this big guy, the Daring Jumping Spider, right by my arm on the picnic bench! Hahaha I had kids all around looking at it, as another mother offered to squish it. I said "No don't! I like to teach my kids when I find stuff like this" she though  More...
I love taking advantage of teachable moments like that! Although I have to say the spider would have freaked me out, don't know if I would have used that one!! Lol! - MommyLuvs2  6.7 #8 10:15PM
This spider was at least the size of a nickel if not a little bigger. It was funny because I wasn't afraid when I thought it was a wolf spider, but when I learned it jumped I started to get creeped out! - Cass  4.5 #11 11:27PM
My husband is taking the kids to see a local todem pole next to my Dr office. - I-love-my-family  10.0 #7 2:50PM
We do the same as @abidinginHim, we have the kids look it up online and then share it. I love these moments and using life as a teaching tool - gardeningthroughtheseasons  10.6 #6 9:02PM
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March 13, 2013 7:50 PM

How many of you use with your kiddos? Do you have any other free learning game sites you have found?
My kids love it! They also have the app on their iPod Touch. They love watching the videos on there too. My 3 year old can even navigate it himself, possibly because {ahem} its occasionally {ahem} a way for us to get through math with my big kids. Shhh, don't tell anyone ;). - 3John4  13.0 #4 8:53PM
For devotions... and... (bible) - abidinginHim  13.9 #3 9:22PM
I have a PBS app on my phone. My kids love it! I have never gone to the web site. I will check it out!! - I-love-my-family  10.0 #7 9:52PM
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February 25, 2013 1:56 PM

We are ditching school today and going to Disneyland instead! I am trying to think of what I can do to bring "school" into our day. Like reading signs. Adding how many characters we see. Etc... Any other ideas?!
I just joined a Yahoo group that is all about learning at Disneyland. They have quite a few ideas and printouts of different things to do. We're getting our Disney passes this week (YAY!!!!) and are planning on going to Disney at least 1-2 month so I'll be using them a lot! There's also Celebration Education that offers get togethers, classes, etc, based on Disney. There is sooooo much there that can be used to teach, as that was Walt's vision. - BluRayn  12.0 #5 4:17PM
Hope you guys are having a great time!! I think I want to take my girls tomorrow :) I've always said that California Adventure would make a great 4th grade field trip for us Californians!! - MommyLuvs2  6.7 #8 5:41PM
Maybe have a tally sheet of things to be on the look for, mark each time you see it. Estimate/predict wait times vs actual time waited. - Mrs.mouse  20.2 #2 3:12PM
I love that Cass! I hope you guys have a terrific day. There's always Great Moments with Lincoln, or discussing different time periods in the different lands. We've been so blessed to have annual passes for the past two years. They expire TODAY!! :-( I'm so bummed. Everyday my 3 year old says, "I know... Lets go to Mickey Mouse!!" We're going to miss it. - 3John4  13.0 #4 4:22PM
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February 25, 2013 10:46 AM

So how many of you homeschool moms also have special needs kiddos? How do you feel it effects your lesson plans, or is it pretty easy to stick to a lesson plan?
My oldest is ADHD. I find it makes things hard for sticking to a plan. Routines are not my personal strong point. - Cass  4.5 #11 1:53PM
My 5th son, who is 16, has ADD and moderate to severe dyslexia. He likely has other processing issues that we haven't pinpointed - he has only gone through testing once, and it was terribly traumatic for him, so we've not done any more. Lesson plans . . . They're more or less suggestions around here, at least with him. Now that we've hit high school I'm not sure how we'll get it all done. - emmelia  0.6 #139 3:54PM
Can anyone share tips for nattynoo12? My 1st kiddo is only in kinder. - Cass  4.5 #11 9:25AM
How do we get through a homeschool day? I found out that my kids thrive with a check-off list and I thrive with a schedule. My kids are very visual so I hung up a check-off list in our hallway (this way they will not loose it.) The schedule keeps me on track but does not rule over me... it serves me. Its not a time slot type of schedule but one that keeps me on track weekly. I love it. My kids do too (I have a book printed out for them too.) I read a book called "How Your Child Learns and Succeeds!" by Cynthia Tobias. It was so helpful!!! It helped me to figure out my kids learning styles and what would benefit them. (I need to re-read it.) Another thing that has helped us is our diet. I had to go on a gluten-free diet for health reasons but put my kids on it as well. The positive results... better concentration, thinking clearly, behavioral issues gone, more calm and they don't get so agitated, temperament is more even (less outbursts of frustration.) I do have to re-direct them all day long but I have just accepted this as my job. :) - abidinginHim  13.9 #3 11:49AM
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February 15, 2013 2:16 PM

Do you have a set schedule you stick to everyday for school, or do you just shift it around depending on your days schedule?
We have had very scheduled years, and then years when the whole "schedule" goes out the window (years with a new baby). I think that I would prefer the schedule... However, the years that have been less scheduled have most definitely been years of learning and growing for us as a family and for each of my children as individuals! It really all depends on your family/life circumstances... I will say that I have always desired to make learning a lifelong habit, rather than a "scheduled" activity! Homeschooling most definitely requires flexibility! And that really is one of the beauties of home education! Being able to throw the schedule out the window when it isn't working or proving to be beneficial to your children!! You can move faster through the things your children grasp, and you can slow down and really focus on the things they just aren't understanding!! That is impossible in a "traditional" school setting that cannot be tailored to your individual child's learning patterns and interests! I would say that no matter what, make sure that you control the schedule, not allowing the schedule to control you! I'm a box checker... I've needed to realize that checking a box may feel good, because it "looks" like I've accomplished something... But just because we read the material, did the worksheets, whatever, it doesn't mean that we truly accomplished the goal of learning!! That has been a lesson that I continue to learn even ten years into this journey!! - MPCteachesher6  26.8 #1 2:57PM
P.S. I love the look on his sweet face!! He seems to be enjoying what he's working on!! 😊 - MPCteachesher6  26.8 #1 2:58PM
I agree with MPC. Every year has been so different for us. My kids do seem to do better when they know what is on the schedule. Planning out each day helps them, and with Sonlight, what we use, it breaks if down by days which we love. However, that said, we know that Gods plans for our days are sometimes different and we need to be flexible when things change. Those days do seem to be the days where lots of growth happens, and the schedule will always be there to come back to. Lately our days are starting later due to fun mornings with a two year old and teenagers who like to sleep ;)! I love the flexibility of homeschooling and that there are no crazy rushed mornings like when they were in public school - gardeningthroughtheseasons  10.6 #6 4:21PM
My oldest is 5 and we do preschool stuff and we don't have a set schedule, but next year we will. - I-love-my-family  10.0 #7 7:19PM
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February 6, 2013 2:07 PM

What do you do to entertain your kids and give them exercise? Especially when the kids at the park become too young for your kids? This is one of my rainy day fav's. We use a bounce house.
I was just reading an article on this today. We also use the Wii, trampoline, bike rides, basketball, etc. If they get tooooo rowdy in the evening I send them outside to 'run laps', which usually results in just running around and a whole lotta giggling, but at least they're getting out the wiggles!! - BluRayn  12.0 #5 2:37PM
Bounce house is a great idea!! Walks... Twister game... Wii... Have them do workout videos with you!! ;) - MPCteachesher6  26.8 #1 2:30PM
Oh, and another thing I just thought of cuz I can hear it happening outside right now....My oldest asked this week if he can be "in charge of" PE. I said sure!! He's come up with all kinds of activities and games for him and his bros to do, which is great practice for leadership, organization and team building skills, not to mention, one less thing for me!! - BluRayn  12.0 #5 3:19PM
How fun! Where did you get this? :) - rcmom  0.3 #141 4:19PM
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February 6, 2013 12:47 PM

Welcome!! - MPCteachesher6  26.8 #1 12:48PM
Yay! Hi! - Cass  4.5 #11 12:49PM
Hopefully he will fix the profile pics soon... Did you try to set one up? - MPCteachesher6  26.8 #1 12:49PM
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