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SAHM of one. I'm a crafter, reader, writer, Thai & Filipino foodie. I have a blog at
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July 14, 2015 11:16 PM

It's been awhile since I was last here. Our school starts next Monday and baby girl is excited. I've been trying to find an online based planner to use so both my husband and I can login from our different devices. Any suggestions?
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November 13, 2013 3:06 PM -  The Hub

I have a question for everyone. As most or all of you know, I'll be moving to Atlanta next year with my husband. Because things are financially tight (and my in laws have decided to get into our marriage) I am currently looking for a job. I'm not sure if I'll be full time or part time. My question is has anyone worked and homeschool? My husband works first shift, mostly I will as well and our dau  More...
Have you considered a charter homeschool? My son is homeschooled 3 days a week and goes to school 2 days a week. Just a thought! :-) - I-love-my-family  10.0 #7 12:11AM
What is a Charter Homeschool? Is that the same as a virtual homeschool? - mercyphoenix  3.3 #17 4:03PM
I homeschool my grandkids. Also, I help homeschool another family. Check into someone else homeschooling your child part of the time. See what the laws are in your state. - gramcee2  3.0 #28 11:17AM
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September 16, 2013 4:18 PM -  The Hub

Hi everyone, About two months ago, I read online about a really nice laminator. My husband suggested I wait in case the price goes down. Well, the laminator is now either discontinued or I can pay almost triple the original price at the only store that still has one left. I purchased one today that was $44 at Office Depot only to get it home (I was so excited, I didn't read the box) it only lamin  More...
I have this one and really like it. It does up to 5 mil. It has two heat settings. And the price is right. ;-) Good luck with the move! Great to see you here again. :) - 3John4  13.0 #4 10:20AM
I found several well reviewed laminators on Amazon. I have only found ones that go up to 5 mil. - Mrs.mouse  20.2 #2 8:36PM
Just bought one today at Costco for $19.99 and it has 100 laminating pouches included. - loveteachingmy4  3.9 #12 1:12PM
Thanks ladies.. sorry I haven't gotten a chance to log on. I actually found out that I got for $30 (that's with the 50% off coupon) and it came with a few pouches, not many. We don't have a Costco where I live. The one I got was better than the ones I saw at Office Depot, Office Max, and Staples...cheaper too and works great! Doesn't take long to heat up and I think does a superb job. Only four more months and I'll be moving. RIght now I'm weight training, traveling, back in college, and homeschooling the baby. I was tutoring, but that comes and goes. We'll see what happens along the lines. My daughter starts Arabic lessons next Monday, so I'm super excited about that. :D - mercyphoenix  3.3 #17 7:10PM
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April 27, 2013 7:19 AM -  The Hub

Hi ladies (and gentlemen), I'm sorry I've been away and haven't yet caught up with everyone. My college courses are getting more intense. However, that's not why I'm posting today. On the way to the lake, hubby somehow didn't mention he picked up the mail and when we got in the truck, I noticed a magazine on the seat from Homeschool Enrichment. I looked through about half of the magazine before I   More...
The charter school that we are using to send my son to isn't a Christian school. We can use the program they offer it choose our own. I am going to choose a different program, but for some people it's a good option. - I-love-my-family  10.0 #7 2:49PM
I don't really know of any other secular homeschool resources, etc. other then the charter schools. Have you tried googling secular homeschool? Or google your particular religion in regards to homeschool. I do not know a whole lot about the homeschool pioneers but I know a lot of them were Christian so it makes sense why there are more Christian resources out there. But the beauty of homeschooling is that you can set it up and use what best suites your family. - abidinginHim  13.9 #3 5:20PM
There are lots of curriculum choices that aren't Christian based. You can pick anything you'd like. Maybe you can find other families in your area to Co-op homeschool with. Best of luck as you find what works best for your family. - Mrs.mouse  20.2 #2 1:51PM
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February 28, 2013 4:43 PM -  The Hub

I've been searching for printable a for my little one. We are starting on numbers and Abcs and I wanted to make some flash cards. I'm also making some in Spanish, French, and Thai. Now, hubby was me to add Italian. Does anyone have printable websites they can share? Preferably free sites?
I will try to share some I have found in just a bit, do you have a Pinterest account? There are do many links to free printables there and a lot in the preschool and kinder ages! - gardeningthroughtheseasons  10.6 #6 6:24PM
Looking forward to, and following the comments on this question!! Thanks, friends! - MPCteachesher6  26.8 #1 6:43PM
@mercyphoenix, have you liked our FaceBook page yet? I just shared a St. Patricks Day Free Printable that I came across over there too! If you have not, consider liking our page, and sharing with your FB Friends (and any other social media), about the Homeschool Teacher's Lounge! I will post here as well!! ;) - MPCteachesher6  26.8 #1 11:19AM
Here is the link for the St. Patricks Day Printables... - MPCteachesher6  26.8 #1 11:20AM
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February 23, 2013 9:46 AM -  The Hub

Looking for ideas for my little one. I want to start with foreign languages.
A tip once shared with me was to take one of their favorite videos, you know the one you have half memorized because they watch it all the time, and go to settings (or menu) and see if they have optional languages to play it in. They are so used to knowing what the characters are saying, its easy for them to pick up words or at least gives them an ear for the language. - 3John4  13.0 #4 3:18PM
Have you checked your public library? Ours has a limited selection of children's foreign language programs. - emmelia  0.6 #139 10:27AM
Thank you everyone. She doesn't watch television much. The one movie she does sit through is in Thai with English subtitles. She uses an app on my iPad that teaches songs using ASL. I'm planning on teaching her French, Spanish, and Thai. I thought about Chinese, but it's a lot harder than Thai. ASL is something she's learning from the apps. - mercyphoenix  3.3 #17 12:21PM
I downloaded two more ASL apps today and will be using the BBC videos until I can order her some. - mercyphoenix  3.3 #17 7:26PM
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