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May 12, 2013 11:04 PM

This week is inspired by something I'm trying to do more. Eat healthy. Please share your healthy dishes and help others make healthy choices.
We like to get the little bags of salads from Sams Club, especially the Asian salad one, it's so yum! It comes with all the stuff in it, dressing, almonds, won tons, etc. I just cook up some chicken in the crockpot, then either cut it up or shred it and put on it. So yum! Another thing we've done recently is chicken tacos. Just using a small corn tortilla that I heat up over the open flame, then add the chicken and a little salsa mixed with either sour cream or mayo. Super easy and quick and delicious! A couple weeks ago, I got the book Trim Healthy Mamas and have been slowly making my way through it. Going to be incorporating it into our meals and looking forward to all the yummy foods! Once I do, then I'll have some more to add to this thread!! I'm right in the midst of about 20 projects so my brain's going in all kinds of directions, but if I think of something else I'll pop back and let you know! - BluRayn  20.2 #2 12:56PM
Energy balls: mix 1/2 c peanut butter, 1/3 c honey, 1 t vanilla, & 1/2 c ground flax seed. Add 1 c oats & 1/2 c mini chocolate chips. Roll into balls. I have also tripled it, added chia seeds, & pressed it into a 9x13 pan (& cut into bars) because my family eats them so fast. - loveteachingmy4  20.2 #2 8:06AM
Yummy recipe I just got from my friend Winnie... Here is the ingredients for: Pico de Gallo Tomatoes (sprinkle Kosher Salt over) Cilantro Onion Jalapenos (minced or put through garlic press) Lemon Juice Measure to your taste & enjoy 😊 I'm going to make some tomorrow. It's good with chips but I can just eat it as if it were a salad. - abidinginHim  20.2 #2 10:17PM
I love thinly sliced zucchini in place of lasagna noodles, or thinly grated into fettuccine like noodles and then topped with pasta sauce or mixed with some olive oil, garlic, and veggies! Yum! I have even had some giant zucchinis from the garden that I slice about 1/2 inch thick and then top like pizza - gardeningthroughtheseasons  20.2 #2 12:14AM

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