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March 8, 2013 2:47 PM

Seriously, rainy days are some of the best homeschool days in my book! No matter how hard the year is going, I've always thanked God that my kids are home with me on cold, blustery, rainy days! Always! I still remember our first year homeschooling. On a particularly hard week, I woke up early one morning. As I was waking down the stairs, I caught a glimpse out of our front window, of our neighbor rushing her kids out to the car, all bundled up, getting poured on... I stopped in my tracks and thanked God for the opportunity to have our children home to learn with me that day. No early morning rushing in the cold rain, no classroom rainy day cabin fever for my kids that day. Home sweet home, cuddled up with books and hot chocolate by the fire... God knew I needed that little glimpse, reminder if you will, of the blessing it is to have my children learning with me at home!! 😊
What a wonderful memory to keep at hand for encouragement during rough patches. I too am enjoying this weather and the different pace life has had for our family this past few weeks. It's been such a gift from the Lord! He knew just what our family needed and has been comforting me in ways I have been to 'busy' to let Him in weeks past (not sure if that makes sense??). Days like today give me pause to be extra grateful for my family. - 3John4  26.8 #1 6:33PM
I totally agree! And, I do wish we had more days like these. - abidinginHim  26.8 #1 7:17PM
I thank God too for all of us home on such a cold day. I just wish we had more days like this! - HomeSkaDoos  26.8 #1 3:49PM
I love snuggly days!! This week all my boys pile in my bed after lunch and a morning full of school to have rest time while I read to them. We've all been enjoying it so much! Yesterday we have the fire going downstairs but we don't have any furniture in there yet (except boxes) so it's not as cuddly but definitely cozy! Thank you for sharing that memory with us! I've thought that many times through the years when my kids are still sleeping at 8 or even 9 or later if they really needed it or going through a growth spurt, instead of rousting them outta bed and off to school. I know homeschool isn't the best thing for everyone but I'm so glad it is for us!! - BluRayn  26.8 #1 8:26AM

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